Entry #5

The Maple Story Job Collab

2011-09-20 15:17:13 by spritefan

A Maple Story collab I hosted. The collab was to animate a job class from Maple Story.... That's basically the only guideline for it, lmao. We all added our own kinds of creativity to it, so it's not boring like the game :P. I'm spritefan2. I did the Bowman class. I did my part in 1 day. I've been quite busy :C... Not my best work. But I'm proud of everyone else's part, overall, I think the collab came out nicely.

Also, for the programs...
0:00 - 3:12 was created in Flash (My bowman part had some touches with AE)
3:13 - 6:42 was created in Fireworks
6:42-7:49 was created in Photoshop (Photoshop part is awesum, you should definitely check out).
The Credits were created in After Effects.
All the clips were put together and exported with Premiere.

And we are adobe whores :D! -jazz hands-


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2011-09-25 16:34:53

Very nice job guys. And maplestory not boring!! it epic! Im a fan of sprites too.

spritefan responds:

Thank you :D! I like sprites too~


2012-09-03 16:10:27

Flawless!!! Every part of it was F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S!!! Huge fan of sprites, too.