The Bannedstory Collab 2.

2011-04-04 02:34:09 by spritefan

A Collab I hosted of a bunch of animators using sounds from fucking everywhere cause we're unoriginal fucks. At least I had the decency to credit all the sounds and such. Prolly could upload here but we would get flamed</3 Some day I'll actually upload an animation here though. Once I make something fucking worthy. lol (The clips I animated have the watermark "SF2" on the top left)

My youtube is spritefan2 ~~


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2011-08-01 16:33:26

fucking awesome.


2011-08-01 16:59:02

also, I don't see why you don't post some animations on NG :D you should be a fucking prodigy with your talent

spritefan responds:

Oh thanks, that means a lot xD

I've been really focused on the quality of my animations, rather than quantity, so I haven't really made a full length video that I've found too special. Once I'm satisfied with the quality of my work, I'll post something here that'll blow everyone away. But who knows, I may never reach that level and it may never happen.



2012-08-07 10:43:45

Amazing, right, WRONG!! It is BEYOND AMAZING!!