Merry Christmas fags.

2010-12-24 13:01:02 by spritefan

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So yeah, playing around with combining flash with AE. It's pretty nice.

Kinda weird talking to myself since no one reads these posts :C


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2010-12-24 14:43:47

You should submit that shit.
We need more sprite flashes that aren't complete Dragonball Z ripoffs.

spritefan responds:

It's not a swf file though :l Only part that was made in flash, was the actual animation of the girl dancing on the pole, and also each person jumping.

In AE, I added the lights, and duplicated the shit out of the crowd. Exporting it as a swf would lag like hell.

Eh.. Maybe I'll try to figure out a way to make a lagless swf version. But for now, I'm working on other projects~ Thanks for the post though :D


2010-12-24 20:57:11

Merry Christmas!

spritefan responds:

Merry Christmas to you too~

And damn, I've actually seen some of your flashes before.


2011-01-24 18:31:16

Wow this is awesome lol

spritefan responds:

Thanks mang :P

Better to come~


2011-04-27 23:16:26

This is way cool! I liked the pole dancing haha. And the lights :)
No, I think you should submit it, even if it wasn't made in flash. There are tons of games on newgrounds that aren't made with flash, and they still get great reviews. I didn't want to upload anything onto NG either because I was intimidated by it, but my bf convinced me to. Just convert it and upload it.